Wikipedia did a study on how often pages on their site are re-edited and deleted. From there they were able to calculate the most controversial topics on their page. Number one will probably surprise you!

Wikipedia says the the more often information is edited or removed the more likely the information is false or offensive to some.

Here's the top 10:

  1. GEORGE W. BUSH....Yep. Apparently there are two very different views of that guy.
  2. Anarchy.
  3. The prophet Muhammad.
  4. LWWE. So, this is a list of the WWE personnel. Basically, it's all the wrestlers and management and such. So, this really is kind of an anomaly because this actually does change quite often.
  5. Global Warming....The sassy Al Gore.
  6. Circumcision?
  7. United States?
  8. Jesus
  9. Race and intelligence
  10. Christianity