We found this awesome list of things that only people from Grand Rapids understand. You get it, right?

1. It’s alright to go to church and drink a beer

Brewery Vivante, need we say more?


2. The first time you eat at Yesterdog, you will love it for life.

It's just so darn good, right?


3. Hey...wait a second..There Are No Rapids In Grand Rapids

Have you ever seen any? We haven't...


4. Downtown Is Alive!

Boom...you have the BOB...the Arena...what more could you want?


5. Nothing Is Better Than The Local Food

There really is nothing better than sitting down to a meal that you know is coming from your local community.


6. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park Is SOOOOOO Beautiful!

It really is just gorgeous!


7. The Berries Here Are Just Da Bomb Dot Com

I mean, we're known for them around the world, aren't we?


8. Art Is WAY more places than a museum.



9. Sometimes we lean left...sometimes we lean right....

Clearly we care about issues and not just a party.


10. Shutting Down Anyone Who Talks Demolishing Heritage Hill

Shut it down. It's the best part of Grand Rapids history.