We all have our little quarks that we do when we're alone. However, it seems many of them are things we ALL do when we're by ourselves.

According to a Reddit topic here's the top things we ALL do.

1.  Practicing conversations in your head in advance.


2.  Being a hypocritical driver.  Like, when someone else slows down because they're lost, you yell at them . . . but if YOU slow down because you're lost, you don't know why everyone yells at you.


3.  Picking your nose.


4.  Winning arguments in your head long after the argument ended.


5.  Caring way too much about what other people think about you.


6.  Getting into debates and arguments when you really don't have much knowledge on the subject.


7.  Admiring the size and volume of what you just left in the toilet.


8.  Picturing an entire relationship in your head when you first start dating someone.


9.  Occasionally having a racist thought, even though you KNOW you're not racist.


10.  Using the bathroom at home and not washing your hands.  (Reddit)