If you want to be successful, take a look at what successful people are doing and get some ideas!

Check this out from Entrepreneur.com, they wrote about a study that shows successful people do the same 11 things before breakfast. Why so early? Willpower is at it's peak when you wake up.

1. Wake up early

2. Exercise. (They say to do it so you don't run out of time later in the day. Anyone else have problems waking up and hitting the gym first thing? When I wake up I want to sit like a zombie drinking coffee for the first hour of the day.)

3. Work on an important business project.

4. Work on a personal passion project. (I can get behind this. My creativity is at its peak when I wake up. I would much rather do this that immediately get to work.)

5. Spend time with family.

6. Network over coffee. (Yeah, I'm not good with people for the first few hours when I wake up!)

7. Meditate. (I love meditating, make sure you set an alarm in case you doze off.)

8. Write down things to be thankful for.

9. Plan and strategize. (I can get behind this one. I like to write, on paper, what I want to accomplish for the day. A good day is any day I can get through the list.)

10. Check email. (I get why it's a good idea, but I've also had this ruin my day.)

11. Read the news. (It's good to be in the loop first thing, but don't read the comments on a news story, your head might explode from the stupidity.)

Hope this helps!