Autopsy reports for Amy Winehouse are expected today.   The oh-so-talented yet troubled artist was found dead in her London apartment on Saturday.

Although her tour was canceled last month because of an apparent battle with addiction ... Amy had just wrapped up work with Tony Bennett recording a single for his forthcoming album, Duets TwoThe unlikely duo recorded a song called Heart and Soul and Bennett had nothing but good things to say about Amy's work ethic and ability. 

He also shared a neat story about how he helped inspire her during recording their song together. 

Sadly, Amy now joins the '27 Club' with other late artists like Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix.

My heart aches when I see and later hear about someone who has struggled with an addiction to the point of repeated failure or even death.  It is no life.  However, there are some amazing programs right here in West Michigan that offer not only the rehabilitation necessary to get clean, but an opportunity to build relationships that are so key in keeping yourself accountable.

If you feel you need help -- please take a moment to call on or even visit a couple of centers that are listed here.  You can always reach out to me too.  I'm a great listener and think you're pretty special.