A bunch of predictions were made about our year back in the late 80's. Did any of them come true?

1) Every car would have a computer and have the ability to drive itself.

Okay, so that's kind of true. A lot of cars have the computer element with their navigation systems. There are those cars that self park, but none of them self drive.

2) Computer Navigation Systems for driving so you don't have to use a map.

Yes, we not have GPS systems.

3) Video chat

Yep, we now have Skype, webcams and all that jazz!

4) Some kind of small personal, portable computer.

You mean like a smartphone? Yes, we have those.

5) Long distance education

Indeed! Schools can now connect via the internet and smart boards!

Three predictions that were way off:

1) Robot maids and cooks

2) Hover cars

3) Pets that are robots