Our first bus trip to the Witches of New Salem Haunted Woods was a great success!! 22 of our new friends showed up to hang with Christine and I to take the party bus to get our scream on!   Yeah, it was raining, but doesn’t every scary story start with “It was a dark and stormy night”??

Once the bus arrived at the farm, we jumped on a tractor down to the haunted wood.  They have two paths to take when you get into the woods, ‘Wicked’ which is witches and voodoo and ‘Twisted’ which is more like a mental hospital.  They are both very scary.  If clowns make you pee, you might want to avoid ‘Twisted”, haha

After we went through the woods, we jumped on another tractor and headed out for the ‘Zombie Attack’ which is a blast because you get a paintball gun and get to shoot zombies for about 15 minutes!

Of course before we jumped back on the bus to head into the well lit city, we grabbed donuts and cider.. because it wouldn’t be fall in Michigan with those two things!

We had so much fun with Ashley, Shaina, Khristina, Melissa, Amanda, Janie, Missy, Shenika, Meghan, Leanna, John, Chandler, Kyle, Emily, Wendy, Christy, Julie, Jill, Neil and Nicole… we decided we’d do another (or two) party bus to the haunted woods!!

Wendy Church Oberlander‎ via Channel 957 Facebook

Hope you’re on the next one, because it was a scary, good time!!