This morning we got to talking about bottled water and Steve exclaimed that he could tell the difference between brands.  Specifically, he claimed that he could always pick out the DASANI water because their is salt in it's ingredients.  Connie and Curtis didn't believe him, but a listener was nice enough to call in and get Steve's back!

She told Steve about a video that tests the pH balance of 20 different brands of bottled water.  These results will surprise you, and probably give you cause to switch the brand of bottled water you consume!

The video was done by and has some pretty extensive analysis behind the test.  The website also goes into an explanation of why a lot of bottled water is acidic and what the positive health effects of alkaline water are.

A quick rundown of pH balance is 0-14 pH, with 0-6.5 pH being acidic, 6.5-8 pH being neutral, and 8.5-14 pH being alkaline.  According to "While the ideal pH level of drinking water should be between 6-8.5, the human body maintains pH equilibrium on a constant basis and will not be affected by water consumption."

Now that you are armed with some pH knowledge, let's look at the results of the bottled water test:

  • Dassani - acidic, 4-pH

  • Penta - acidic, 4-pH

  • Walmart Drinking Water - acidic, 4-pH

  • Walmart Distilled Water - acidic, 4-pH

  • Aquafina - acidic, 4.5-pH

  • Poland Spring Water - acidic, 5-pH

  • Function Water - acidic, 5-pH

  • Ice Mountain - acidic, 5.5-pH

  • Smart Water - acidic, 5.5-pH

  • Gerber Pure Water - acidic, 5.5-pH

  • Nestle Pure Life - acidic, 6-pH

  • Voss - acidic, 6-pH

  • Evian - neutral, 7-pH

  • Fiji - neutral, 7-pH

  • Super Chill - neutral, 7.5-pH

  • Walmart Spring Water - neutral, 7.5-pH

  • Absopure - neutral, 7.5-pH

  • Eternal - neutral, 7.5-pH

  • Evamor - alkaline, 8-pH

  • St. Louis unfiltered tap water - alkaline, 8-pH

  • Essentia - alkaline, 9-pH

  • St. Louis water filtered with the Alkaline Plus pH Pitcher - alkaline, 9.5-pH

If you want more information about bottled water be sure to check out!