Sarah Churman was born deaf, and in July of this year she received a hearing implant.  With the help of modern medicine, Sarah was finally able to hear herself speak at the age of 29.  Overcome with joy, Sarah breaks down as she hears her own voice for the first time.

Sarah is a wife and a mother of 2 girls.  She has lived with her disability for all of her life.  And thanks to the devotion and research of medical personal worldwide, she is finally able to hear.

When I first watched the video I thought to myself: "how does she speak so well?"  This turned out to be a common question for Sarah and she answers it in her blog.

Everyone heals differently, everyone learns differently, and everyone excels at different things. I personally have always LOVED to read and write. English and Grammar have always been something I have enjoyed. I also enjoy talking! (Big shocker to those who know me huh? NOT! Lol.) I have worked very hard to overcome and to speak well. I went to deaf ed school when I was very young, then on to public school where I took speech classes and therapy.

You can find Sarah on YouTube or follow her on her blog.

After Sarah's story went viral on YouTube, Ellen asked her to join her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Here is how that went:

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