Becky Swales, mom from Snellville Georgia, dreamed of watching her 3 daughters walk down the aisle. A four-year battle with breast cancer threatened that dream. A heartbreaking prognosis that Becky's cancer had spread, prompted her daughters to take action. To assure that their mom would be there on their special day, Sarah, Kaylie and Jodi Swales held a last-minute triple wedding ceremony on Sunday.


According to, The Swales sisters all happened to be engaged at the same time. They then decided to get married at the same time after getting the news that their mother may only have a few months to live. Originally scheduled for October 26th, the sisters moved up the date after discovering their mom had less time than they thought.

The community of Snellville rallied around the family, offering support in the way of donations and a venue for a wedding reception.

"It's kind of bittersweet," Jodie Swales told before the ceremony. "We are happy that she's here, but this will probably be the last big thing that we do with her."

Sister Sarah added, “It’s not like losing a mom, it’s like losing a mom and a best  friend and anyone would want their best friend at their wedding. Our wedding  wouldn’t be the same if she wasn’t there to experience it with us.”

Becky Swales' dream to watch her daughters get married did come true. She sat proudly in the front row alongside her husband of 25 years, Otis, and watched the service, surrounded by friends and family. Sadly, on Monday, the day after the ceremony, Becky passed away.

Before the wedding, Otis said the family was relying on faith: "It's hard, but I'm proud of my daughters. I just pray God gives me strength to get through every day."

Just before her death, Becky took to Facebook to write, “I  thank God for waking me up every day. I have such a great support system. My  loving husband, my three beautiful daughters and my Mom have stood by me every  step of the way. I can’t say enough about what a blessing that has been.”


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