This sounds unreal, but this kid was able to identify his murderer and location of his past life's body. Get ready for a mind trip!

As a disclaimer, I don't know what to think about this. I have an open mind to everything, but I'm going to tell you this story how it's reported from You decide the rest.

This 3-year-old boy in the Golan Heights region near the boarder of Syria and Israel claims that he was murdered with an ax in his previous life. This kid was able to show the village elders, not only where the murderer buried his body, but also showed the elders where the murder weapon was found.

Sure enough, they found the man's skeleton in the place where the child said it would be, they also did some digging and found an ax.

This boy is of the Druze ethnic group, and in that culture they believe the existence of reincarnation is a fact, but his story really had the power to surprise his community.

Here's the kicker to all of this, he was born with a long, red, birthmark on his head. The Druze believe that birthmarks, such as that one, are related to past life deaths. When the boy was old enough to talk, he explained to his family that he was killed from a hit to the head with an ax.

So, what do you think? Is this possible? Is there a such thing as a past life? Was this kid able to remember his?