Bestie, Bizjet, Qapik, Ew, Twerk, Beatdown, and Zomboid are just a few of the new words that SCRABBLE has added to their dictionary of legal words.

It's a little weird that some of these words, like Zomboid, aren't technically recognized as actual words in the English language.  But that may change soon because it seems like the folks at Merriam-Webster and The Oxford Dictionary are adding more and more dumb words and abbreviations to their dictionaries each year.

Let's check out the SCRABBLE definition for the words mentioned above.

  • Bestie: a person who someone likes very much
  • Bizjet: a small airplane used for business
  • Qapik: a monetary subunit of the manat (Azerbaijan)
  • Ew: used to express disgust
  • Twerk: to dance by shaking the buttocks while squatting
  • Beatdown: an overwhelming defeat
  • Zomboid: resembling zombies

Now, if you play Words with Friends, these new words might already be legal or will not be added, so don't go trying to score points with Bizjet just yet.