We've been living in fear of crossing our eyes, reading in the dark, and swallowing our gum; fear no more! Check out these crazy myths we all thought were facts.

  • 1

    Crossing Your Eyes Won't Get Your Face Stuck

    Mom always use to tell me I better not cross my eyes because they might get stuck. I've believed this one well into my 20s. No worries, your eyes won't get stuck.

  • 2

    You Won't Ruin Your Eyesight From Reading In The Dark

    You might get a headache but you're not going to kill your eyesight.

  • 3

    Speaking Of Eyes, Carrots Won't Make Your Eyes Any Stronger

    Being a guy who has had glasses all of his life, I use to eat carrots like crazy thinking I would eventually be able to see better, false.

  • 4

    We Use More Than 10% Of Our Brains

    We've all been told at some point that we only use about 10% of our brains. Not so much, we use everything we have but not all at the same time.

  • 5

    Gum Doesn't Hang Around For 7 Years If You Swallow It

    Let's just say, it passes through. (I think you get what I'm saying).