I found some pretty cute pictures of kids with mischievous looks on their faces while looking for the right one to use for this blog!

Of course, kids are not the only one's who are naughty at times.  It's a well known fact that authorities use a variety of tell-tale signs to determine who is telling the truth vs. a lie.

According to CNN there are at least five that you and I can keep in mind when we're trying to get to the truth of a matter.

They include:

1.  If you ask someone basic questions and his or her voice or demeanor changes then you should be on alert.

2.  You can tell someone is lying when he or she avoids using 'I' in a sentence.  Whether he or she is aware of it or not ... avoiding using 'I' is a way of psychologically detaching one's self from the lie.

3.  Liars rehearse their answers so, if he or she answers all of your questions without hesitating, I would be a little suspicious!

4.  The person is unusually fidgety and eager to end the conversation.

5.  The person claims his or her innocence at nauseum.