It's Valentine's Day so Rob & I were back in our pseudo-kitchen trying something new. Sometimes around certain holidays, Oreo's like to release new limted edition flavors and of course Rob & I have to try them all. This year it's Chocolate Strawberry Oreo.

Mmmm. Who doesn't love chocolate-dipped strawberries?! So this has to be good, right? It's got a chocolate filling with a little bit of red (strawberry) right in the center. The cookie itself smells completely like strawberry but the taste has a good balance of both.

Overall, it's not exactly what the real thing tastes like but it was definitely tasty. I enjoyed it. Rob, on the other hand, wasn't too big of a fan. If you happen to see it while grocery shopping, it's worth trying. But if all you want is chocolate covered strawberries, than you definitely should go for the real thing. Especially if you plan on surprising a special someone. Unless you're single. If you're single... these are perfect for you.