We all like a time saving trick or two to use around the house. Here's SIX!

1.  Use a squeeze bottle to make pancakes.  You can use an old ketchup bottle or a generic water bottle with a squeeze top.  Fill it with pancake batter and squeeze out perfect-circle pancakes every time, with no drips.

2.  Seal plastic bags with old bottle caps.  You cut off the top of a plastic soda bottle or juice bottle, push it down over the top of an open plastic bag . . . fold the bag over the bottle top . . . then screw the bottle cap on for an airtight seal.  (If that sounds confusing, you can check out a visual at Lifehacker.com.)

3.  Take out stripped screws with a rubber band.  Don't drill out a stripped screw.  It's easier to lay a rubber band across the head, and screw it out normally with a screw driver. The rubber band grips the screw, and comes out like it was new.

4.  Organize cables with toilet paper tubes.  Most people put USB cables in a shoebox or a drawer, and just let them get tangled.  Instead, fill the box with empty toilet paper tubes, standing upright, one for each cable.

5.  Use soda can tabs to increase closet space.  Soda can tabs have two holes that are just the right size for sliding a hanger through.  Put a tab on one hanger, then hang a SECOND hanger from the tab, and you can get two rows of clothes on one bar.

6.  Use binder clips as cable catchers on your desk.  If you use a laptop for your main computer, you probably have peripherals like external speakers and hard drives. And the cables for them probably end up tangled on the floor most of the time.

Instead, attach binder clips to the back of your desk, and feed the cables through the little wire loops.  Then you can disconnect your laptop and the cables will hang there at the edge of the desk, in a little row.