Ever wonder how to get more people to like you? Or how to "get your way?" Check this out!

TheWeek.com spoke to various professors and therapists who offered advice on how to get people to like you.

Check out these six scientifically proven tricks you can use in conversation to make people like you :

  •  Encourage people to talk about themselves.  People love talking about themselves, so if you can direct the conversation away from you and center it around the other person, you're gold!
  • Ask for advice.  They say that asking for advice helps make you seem equal with people who are in more powerful positions than you.
  •  Repeat the last three words of some of their sentences.  This can get really awkward but it's actually a technique hostage negotiators use to build trust.
  •  Gossip! But only about positive things.  When you gossip about how attractive or smart or funny someone is, the other person will subconsciously associate you with those same traits!
  • Ask about something positive in their life before you ask other questions.  Asking about their kids first will make them more positive about everything else. This seems like it could work if you're trying to come out on the better end of a negotiation.
  • Use questions to help people come up with ideas and answers themselves. I know this from first had experience. I had a boss that did this, made him very likable!

Hope this helps! Now go meet people!