Credit Card Roulette is over, but don't worry we have another chance for you to win $1,000 a day!  Starting October 10th, Kidd Kraddick will be giving away $1,000 each day with his brand new game "The 6 Second Grand Slam Challenge!"  Find out how to play after the break!

Each day Kidd will be play 6 seconds of audio and you will have to guess who is talking.  After he plays the clip, be the first person to call 1-800-KIDD-LIVE and you will have a chance to win.

If the first caller gets it wrong, it's strike one and on to the second caller.  If the second caller still can't get the correct answer then it's strike two and on to the third caller.  If the third caller is still stumped, then it's strike three and you're out!  Kidd will then play an additional 6 seconds of the same audio clip and the first person to correctly answer after that wins the $1,000!  (NOTE:  If any of the callers get the correct answer they will pick up the $1,000.)