OMG, AWWWWW, and SUPER CUTE are all phrases that come to mind when you watch baby animal videos. And these 7 baby animal videos are no exception to that rule. Watch a baby elephant get embarrassed from a sneeze, a kitten fight a pair of apples, and a baby polar bear learn to crawl.

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    Ferocious Kitten

    An incredibly fierce animal stalks its prey in the wild... er wait it's a kitten playing with some apples. In addition to the awesomeness of the kitten, the music set to the scene is truly priceless.

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    Baby Panda Sneezes

    This is one of the most watched YouTube videos of all time. A baby panda startles itself and it's mother with an epic sneeze.

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    Baby Polar Bear Learns To Crawl

    When I think of a polar bear, I think of a massive seal killing machine that can survive in the most uninhabitable of climates. But after watching this video of a baby polar bear learning to crawl, I think polar bear... AWWWWWW :)

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    Baby Panther Triplets

    I wish that big cats didn't grow up to be cold hearted killing machines, otherwise I might consider getting one. Watch as these cute little panther triplets play.

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    Baby Mouse Is Hand Fed

    OK, yeah, mice aren't the cutest of animals, but this little guy is sooooo adorable! Barely larger than a dime and totally dependent on it's owner, it's hard to think it's yucky. It makes me want a baby mouse of my own, not only because of the cuteness factor, but also to freak out my girlfriend.

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    Baby Sloth Is Itchy

    Probably one of the weirdest looking animals on the list, but still completely lovely. Why is he so itchy though? His tummy itches, his head itches, his bum itches, poor guy could use some Head and Shoulders shampoo or something!

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    Baby Elephant Sneezes

    Ohhhhhh man this one is THE BEST! You have to wait for it, but this little guy gets extremely embarrassed that he sneezed in front of such a large group of people (I assume).