If an elementary school-aged child has had "several warnings" regarding a matter what would you think it would be about? MULTIPLE CHOICE TIME:

a) Talking in class
b) Picking on other students or
c) Writing in cursive

Aren't you surprised to know that the answer is C?! Yes, a 7-year-old girl from Kansas was given a homework assignment and she wrote her name in cursive. (The incident happened a year ago but for some reason is just now gaining attention). The teacher was not happy with that because at the top of her assignment she wrote in red pen:

Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings."


You know a teacher means business when they use red pen, but this is ridiculous!

I understand that cursive isn't as important as it used to be, especially with everything being done on computers nowadays, but it's still a good skill to have. And for a teacher to discipline a student for having a skill is just crazy to me.

Even if cursive isn't something required it still has many benefits including:

  • It's good for our brains and helps motor skills. According to an article in TIME, "helps students retain more information and generate more ideas."
  • Kids do better on spelling and reading tests
  • Historical documents are written in cursive (Preamble, Declaration of Independence)
  • You sign things in cursive! This may be a personal opinion but have you ever seen someone sign their name in print? Because I haven't.

What do you think of this teacher's "warnings" towards the student?

SOURCE: PopSugar