This is ridiculous!

This teacher, Carol Thebarge in New Hampshire, has been a teacher for the last 35 years.

One of the cool things about Carol is that, even at the age of 79, she's very active on Facebook and uses it to connect with the kids.

She says she uses Facebook as a safe place for the kids to send her messages about bullying, depression, or other issues teens go through.

The school recently told her she had to delete all of the students, because of a new policy! So, why can't teachers at this school be friends with students on Facebook?

Someone, screwed it up. There's always a bad apple, someone who doesn't play by the rules that ruins it for those of us who do.

A math teacher at the school was recently arrested for sexual contact with a 14-year-old. Sick. So it's hard to really blame the school for the policy, or maybe they could improve their hiring strategy.

Carol debated the policy, but decided she didn't want to delete her student Facebook friends, so she was fired.

What do you think? Should teachers be allowed to be friends with students on Facebook?