We found these 8 rules via Reddit users on ways to make your life easier!

1.  When you call a customer service line, choose SPANISH as your language.  Most of those call centers are in the U.S., not India, and the waits are shorter. 

2.  If you want breakfast, you can probably wander into any Holiday Inn Express or

Hampton Inn in the morning and get it free. 

3.  If you want to buy something from Craigslist, email an offensively lowball offer from a fake email.  Then, a few hours later, send your real offer from your real email.  The person will be much more likely to accept it.

4.  Always throw "rock" in rock-paper-scissors with friends so they know you're a "rock" person.  Then the one time it REALLY matters, throw scissors

5.  Buy a cheap ticket to a sporting event or concert.  Then, an hour before it starts, go to StubHub and see which good seats are still unsold.  Then just head to those seats instead of your cheap seats and sit in them.

6.  If you're calling in a fake sick day to work, say your doctor is a "she."  That tiny detail makes it seem SO much more legit.

8.  At the dentist, take a photo of the barcode, name, and address on a magazine in the waiting room.  Now you'll have all the details you'll need to log in to read the online version of that magazine.  It works for most of them. 

7.  When you go out, announce, "I'm not drinking tonight."  That's the fastest way to make sure other people will buy you drinks to try to persuade you to start drinking with them.

We realize that some of these could be considered unethical...HOWEVER, some of them are JUST AWESOME!