I'm at the point in my life where it seems all of my friends are having babies. I mean, it makes sense. All of my friends have been getting married in the last few years, and babies seems like the next logical step. So, I've found myself scouring the ends of the Earth, trying to find cute, personal, unique gifts for each new bundle of joy. Sometimes it's easier than others. But then I remembered that Etsy exists, and I've managed to find some of the cutest things ever, all right here in my computer. Check them out after the jump!


Tiny Crocheted Minnie Mouse Outfit

Most recently, I've been searching for a lot of things for baby girls, as my cousin just found out they're expecting a girl, and her baby shower is coming up. She and her husband both love Disney (and that's where they honeymooned), so when I saw this tiny crocheted Minnie Mouse outfit, I thought "OMG! This is the cutest thing ever and 'Baby Squirt' totally needs to have it!".

etsy, LaurelAndHoney

Baby Mustache Pacifier

Mustaches, for whatever reason, have become pretty popular over the last couple of years. Heck, you can even buy duct tape with mustaches printed on it. When I saw this mustache pacifier, I kind of wanted to buy ten of them, just to have around in case of a mustache emergency.

etsy, HarpAndSquirrel

Sushi Baby Gift Set

One of the biggest complaints I've heard from a few of my pregnant friends is that they miss being able to eat sushi now that they're pregnant. So, why not give them the next best thing? Baby washcloths rolled up and decorated to look like sushi! This is a nice alternative to the diaper cakes that have become so popular (I made one a few years ago, it's kind of a pain, and pretty pricey).

etsy, sisterina

Monthly Tie Onesie Stickers

In the new digital age, parents are taking more and more pictures of their kids as they grow, especially in the first year. A lot of times, the baby will be propped up next to, or holding, a piece of paper saying how old they are in the photo. This concept makes it much easier (and less likely that your child will eat paper)! Twelve separate stickers, shaped like neckties, with each month printed right on them! (They also come in circles.)

etsy, ByDeSIGN12

Burp Cloth Cupcakes

Another great adaptation of the diaper cake that is both easier (at least I think it is. I'd probably just buy these pre-made) and cheaper is the burp cloth cupcake! I've also seen this done with onesies, but it must be a relatively new trend, because I've only been seeing them lately.

etsy, LittlePartridge

Pac Man Bib

By the time a baby born these days is old enough to know much of anything, Pac Man will be even more of a forgone thing than it is already. But, for those of us who remember that little yellow circle being chased Blinky, Pinky, Inky & Clyde around the TV screen hold a special place in our hearts for that game. What better way to remember it than by using this awesome Pac Man print bib? Seriously, I might just get this for myself...

etsy, HipViolet

Bow Tie & Suspenders Onesie

As you can tell from the mustache pacifier and now this onesie, I mostly want to dress babies up like little old men. But seriously, a onesie with suspenders and a bowtie on it? What isn't adorable about that?

etsy, wildjuniper

Special Delivery Baby Pizza

I'm kind of hungry this morning, ok?!? And, I apparently really like it when people are able o make baby gifts look like food. First there was sushi, then there was cupcakes, and now baby gifts all arranged to look like a pizza!

etsy, SillyPhillie

Hopefully I've helped you out with some new, fun, creative ideas for the eleventy million baby showers you have to go to this summer (or is it just my group of friends that's having a baby boom?).

Have you seen any other fun, creative baby gifts recently?