Kids these days have some lofty requests when it comes to gifts. In fact, the most asked for thing this holiday season was an iPad (and this was for kids between the ages of 6 and 12). But, most kids don't necessarily expect to get the things they ask for. And when they do, well, most are grateful. But, none are as grateful as this kid. See what I mean after the jump!

In this video, posted by the boy's father on YouTube, the eight-year-old boy and his sister open up a joint present together, a Wii U, and the boy's reaction is possibly the best one I've seen in recent years.

Not only a Wii U, but "Madden", too? That's one lucky kid. I love how he even acknowledges how expensive the gift is. You can tell that he's truly appreciative for the gift that he's received.

This is my new favorite kid.