New York Magazine has reported that an Old Spice-commissioned survey shows that 83 percent of young women think that guys over spray their colognes or scents, such Old Spice or Axe.

While most people know that dousing yourself with sprays won't make you as handsome as Fabio, apparently the young men think that the spray's scent fades quickly, so they spray a large amount expecting it to last longer.

According to the Old Spice study, New York Magazine reported that "a research firm surveyed 2,000 girls and boys (ages 13 to 25), as well as 1,000 mothers of teenage boys. The researchers discovered that 75 percent of boys, 83 percent of girls, and 72 percent of mothers believe that overspraying is a problem among young men."

In our research, our callers informed us that they disagree and that they love the smell of the sprays. While the topic seems to be debatable, we think that most people can agree that the smell of these sprays is preferable to that of body odor.

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Source: New York Magazine