I love a good throwback song, so every weekday I will post a song that I believe takes us back to a place and time where things were different for us, good or bad.  We have memories from a lot of songs from back in the day and sometimes we like to hear a song to take us back to that place and time to see how far we have come and remind us of the fun we had... when we were younger.

This song was the "bomb" back in 1991 and started it all for this group some might of heard of named "Boyz II Men." They had a few hits after this one that started it all for them. "Motownphilly" only reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, but was #11 in 1991 year end chart. I love this song for many reasons, and for those that feel the same way... enjoy the days when buttoning the top button and stone wash was cool.