With all the pepper spraying, robberies, and people generally behaving badly on Black Friday, how about a good old fashioned love story? And no, not the love you feel when you get the last X Box or finally make into Best Buy after camping out all day-- nope, a real love story about two people who found each other waiting in line on a rainy Black Friday. Check out the video after the jump.

Trevor MacDonald and Jesse Pierfelice met three years ago while waiting in line outside a SuperTarget in Hurst, Texas on Black Friday.

At first Jesse was apprehensive: "He had this hoodie tied tight, and my mom dropped me off, and I was like, 'You're not leaving me here with this guy. He looks like a bum."

Soon though, Jesse realized the "bum" was actually a hardworking college student. The two got to chatting and exchanged numbers.

The rest, is Black Friday Magic--  Two years later, Trevor propoposed.

I  always say you can find anything at Target... See? Even husbands.