I really think I need to start playing the lottery! Earlier this month, there was a guy from Muskegon County that won a good chunk of money, but stayed anonymous; now John Swisher of Brighton just won a couple million.  (yeah, I know his name, so I can look him up and become friends :))

It happened with the Mega Millions drawing last Friday night, August 26th, and actually John had no idea he won that much money.  Saturday morning when he checked the numbers, he missed seeing one of the numbers, so he thought he had just won $10,000.

After telling his wife he won a bit of money, she checked the ticket with the numbers a second time and realized they had all five numbers, meaning he won $1 Million!  He also played the Megaplier which instantly doubled his winnings, so he actually won $2 million!

He said he and his wife immediately started praying

"I turned on the news early Saturday morning and I caught a glimpse of the numbers on the ticker," said Swisher in a press release. "They moved so quick, I missed the number '31' so I thought I'd won $10,000 and I was pleased with that. "When my wife and I checked the numbers for a second time, I saw I had five and screamed 'Oh my God!' We both started praying immediately."

He and his wife claimed his prize Monday at the Michigan Lottery headquarters and plan to take a trip, pay some bills and help out a few family members.

The next drawing for the Mega Millions is Tuesday Night and the jackpot is expected to be $84 million.  Which if you took the cash option would still net you $58 Million… and don’t forget to play the Megaplier!