There was a time in Grand Rapids when the Public Access TV channel was weird and wonderful.

From the strange funk tunes of the great Daryl Nathan to Marilyn Manson being interviewed, you never knew what you might come across.

In 2006, Santa opened the phones on GRTV for kids to call, only to have his elves take over the proceedings. 

The archivist of all that is weird from GRTV, littleblakkitty has shared this video from Public Access TV.

Santa certainly seems like he didn't know what he was in for, as the elves get a little smart with the kids, asking them if they listen to rapper Young Jeezy, whether they are having a rough seventh grade year and mocking a kid with the name 'Kevin'.

The elf on the left needs to put the brakes on a little, but outside of that it's a weird look into the world of GRTV, where even to this day anyone can show up and put together a show. 

And FYI -- it looks like Santa will be back this year to take calls, but this time, without the sassy elves, who appear to have been fired.