Moosejaw Mountaineering, a company rooted in Madison Heights (Detroit area), is setting up a 'popup' shop in Beer City. Not familiar with the company? Let me help you out.

As the name implies they're a store that's all about the great outdoors. Bike racks, to skis; yoga gear to tents. They seem to have it all!

Just a store?! You say. No! Okay, yeah, they're a store. But they do some cool stuff, too. For instance, this is how they're helping to fight hunger in Detroit.

And this is a really cool app. Well, I mean, yeah it's an app but ... holy cinematography batman!

So, when do they open and where are they going to be? In a mall perhaps? On Alpine? Or maybe on 28th? Nope, according to the Grand Rapids Business Journal ...

...Moosejaw Mountaineering will open a pop-up store in in Grand Rapids at Klingman Lofts, at 410 Ionia Ave. SW, on Sept. 19 to coincide with ArtPrize.

The store will be 4,000 square feet and connect to a High Altitude Lounge, where the company will host events and activities.

via GRBJ

According to the article, a pop up store is a short term test of the market, if business is good they'll stick around. I can imagine going the opening week during ArtPrize is going to be crazy.

Knowing how much there is to do outdoors in the Grand Rapids area, I can see these guys being here for a very long time.