Mantyhose. They are a real thing. And, exactly what you might think they are - pantyhose for men.

Now, men wearing tights isn't really a new thing. Think back to the days of King Henry VIII, dudes wore tights all of the time back then. In fact, you were probably looked at funny if you didn't wear tights. But, at some point, it was decided that tights and pantyhose were a female thing, and the trend of men wearing them dwindled. Until now.

Francesco Cavallini, vice-president of Italian design house Emilio Cavallini, told the Daily Mail why he decided to design tights for men. He explained

When we started our online shop we noticed that a lot of tights sized medium-large were being purchased by men.…So I did a search on the Internet and discovered there is a cult following for mantyhose.

But the question is, will modern men actually wear these things? As it turns out, yes. Well, at least some of them. There is actually an online community of mantyhose enthusiasts that congregate at to discuss their love of the legwear.

Now, most men are actually using them much like they would long underwear. Hiding them under their pants and mostly using them as a source of warmth. However, there are some men out there who have taken to pairing their tights with shorts.

Now, you might be thinking "those could be pretty restrictive... you know... down there...", but the makers of mantyhose assure us that the mantyhose are extremely elastic and stretchable and can fit men comfortably at the top. "If it’s fine for Italian guys, it’s fine for the world."