You head into the local shopping market.  You see price signs on end-caps, the price stickers stuck to the shelves just below the item you are about to purchase or a price sticker on every item.  Grant it, stickers on every single item is becoming more rare, but imagine not seeing a price on or near the item you want to buy, ANY ITEM!  It may be coming,  and soon!

The Michigan House passed the "item pricing bill", which is actually repealing a 1978 bill that made made it mandatory for retailers to price every single item on store shelves, OR post the item's price where it can be clearly seen nearby.  Republican Governor Rick Snyder called for the change in his State of the State in January.  Of course retail trade groups fully support the bill.

WOOD-TV also reported that The United Food and Commercial Workers Union want the 1978 bill upheld, saying doing away with the current bill does not protect consumers.   Although, most large retail / grocery stores put a price sticker on the shelf below each item which include weight, count, size, etc. so the consumer knows how much an item is.  I guess this may do away with the ever-so-popular "can I get a price check on isle 5!?!" over the PA system.

But I suppose this is politics at it's finest.  Lobbyists going after a newly elected governor to get rid of a bill that protected consumers and kept retailers honest.  Bummer.