Back to school time has arrived.  Tears were shed as kids boarded buses.  New friends were made on the playground.  New teachers took their place at the front of class.

Things change rapidly as our kids grow up far too quickly, but one thing remains constant.  One woman is the driving force that keeps it all together.  The lunch lady.

Brown bag and lunch box carrying kids may not quite understand the mystique of the lunch lady, but they do understand that with that magical hair net comes power.  How else could one combine a pizza and a boat into a centaur-like pizza boat?  How else could one produce a bottomless pan of chicken nuggets?

Here's a message for every student as we head back to school:  respect your lunch lady.  For without her, pizza boats would only be a dream.

WZZM visited with the lunch ladies at Ada Elementary.

And of course, no lunch lady tribute would be complete without Adam Sandler.