The holidays are usually a time for people to be giving, but this takes the CAKE! A very generous Santa went to Hastings Wal-Mart and just paid off 43 different layaway orders! The total of the orders was well over $10,000 and they just wrote a check and went on their way.

We're now all wishing we'd been one of the 43 lucky people who will be enjoying the holidays with a little extra cash in our pockets and plenty of presents to give but seeing this story makes us feel almost as good to know that there are people out there this giving.

WZZM13 has the entire story:

An anonymous person wrote a $10,000 check to pay off all 43 layaway accounts at the Walmart Supercenter in Hastings.

About $7,800 went towards merchandise, while the other $2,200 will go to a Barry County charity.