Ever wonder what it would be like to have wild hair like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga? Have you ever wanted to try the classic red glaze that so many celebrities flaunt on their lips, but simply do not want to spend money on something you're not even sure you like? Taaz.com offers users an interactive beauty experience with virtual make-overs, how-to tutorials and insight about current fashion and beauty trends.

Ladies, this is a must-read. By creating an account with Taaz, one unlocks a website overflowing with countless beauty secrets and a virtual make-over experience that is just as addicting as Words with Friends or Draw Something (really, what's the harm with one more addiction?).

Perhaps you have been hesitant to try out bangs or blonde highlights. How often have you lingered in the makeup aisle at Meijer, contemplating whether or not you want to buy that specific shade of lip gloss or eyeshadow? Taaz can take the pressure out of a trip to the salon or beauty supply store by providing users with the opportunity to try on hairstyles and makeup from Chanel, M.A.C., Dior and other popular brands.

Users begin by uploading a picture of herself. After creating a simple face grid, one can start the virtual makeover. The Taaz makeover is divided into six easy-to-follow sections: face, eyes, lips, hair, accessories, and complete looks. The best part is that if you like a certain look, you can save and print it off for later reference.

Whether your planning a trip to the salon, building your makeup collection or just simpmly messing around on a Tuesday evening, Taaz offers a gallery of 200+ celebrity hairstyles and makeup products covering every end of the color spectrum. But beware, it is very addicting...