My message to the class of 2014, live from the laundromat.Saturday afternoon at the laundromat, it doesn't get any more real than that!

I'm literally typing this as I guard my clothes and my quarters from people I've never met. Inside thought, my underwear are being tossed around in the same machine that someone else's dirty underwear had been soaking in minutes ago. This is not as glamorous as I thought life might be after graduation.

Inside thought number 2, if I walk out of this place and someone takes something of mine (let's face it, it won't happen), I would rather them take some clothes. I only brought a limited supply of quarters.

Kids, enjoy living with your parents because when you get out into the real world, this is part of the fun.

Forget what you've seen on TV, those things don't happen. I'm not being cynical, I'm being real.

I have to go pin down my dryer before someone takes it.

Enjoy the video from Paramore that, with my adventure today, inspired this blog.