Ex-"Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star (and general has-been) Alfonso Ribeirois apparently the guy you go to to answer stupid questions about his much more famous ex-colleague Will Smith’s marriage. This is the first time Alfonso has been hounded by paparazzi and reporters, well, ever probably.

It was alleged earlier this week that Will and Jada had separated, and the speculation started.

With reports suggesting that the couple had parted ways after 13 years of marriage, they ended up having to release a joint statement insisting that they are “still together”. Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but going out for dinner together in full view of the paparazzi might have been an easier way to do things. But, hey,  whatever works, I guess.

The Fresh Prince's co-star Ribeiro was questioned by a photographer about his friend’s marriage on Wednesday as he left a Los Angeles restaurant. It is not known whether or not the former star, famed for his portrayal of spoiled rich boy Carlton Banks, was doing his trademark ‘dance’ at the time but I assume he must have been since the reporters actually recognized him.

Ribeiro was quoted as saying:

“[Will and Jada are] not getting a divorce. They’re all good.”

Profound. I also think that this might be the biggest speaking role he's had in like 15 years.

Of course, I'm just kidding. Everyone knows that Alfonso Ribeiro had his own show on the Game Show Network. He doesn’t any more. All I know is that he’s been going to restaurants.

And of course, I couldn't mention the Carlton dance without posting a video of it!