Admit it.  You sneak a couple of candies from the kids on Halloween.  Or maybe you buy some extra candy to pass out just to be sure you don't run out on Halloween night...and to be sure you have a few for yourself.  Nothing wrong that.  But, Halloween without chocolate?  THAT'S scary!

Let's explore some of the best and worst Halloween treats of all time.

Growing up you learned the good houses to go trick-or-treating at.  Those with the good candy and those with the bad.  What's the worst candy?  Well the worst treats weren't candy at all.  Fresh fruit or veggies?  That's a disappointment for a kid.  Sometimes it's even worse.  My wife used to get a toothbrush every Halloween from a dentist in her neighborhood.  Everyone needs some fruit and a toothbrush, but if you are passing them out on Halloween you may want to bring in your pumpkins at night or risk finding them in pieces in the morning.

What's the best Halloween candy?  That changes with time.  Kids think those chocolate coins are the best.  Kids also believe that bigger is better.  Houses handing out full candy bars are likely to find a few repeat customers.  As you get older, you learn that sometimes less is more and not all chocolate was created equally.  Here's hoping your kids stumble across a house passing out some fine dark chocolate truffles this year.

One can dream.

What are your all-time favorite and least favorite Halloween candies?