Do you follow the train wreck that is Amanda Bynes on Twitter? I mean, she's pretty much a train wreck all around, but her Twitter feed is something that I thought only existed in movies and on TV shows. She's so full of crazy, that I follow her just to see what 140 character or less craziness will show up next. And I'm rarely disappointed. Her favorite thing to do lately, it seems, is to call generally good looking celebrities ugly (except Drake. She calls Drake hot pretty much every chance she gets). So, I've compiled some of my favorites. 

Apparently, she's not a fan of Jay-Z's face:

Ronal Martinez/Getty Images, Twitter

Or Lance Bass' looks OR career:

Mike Windle/Getty Images, Twitter

I wasn't sure who Matt Prokop was, so I had to Google him (starred in some Disney Channel stuff), but it's not just him Amanda insults, she goes after his girlfriend, too!

Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Twitter

Of course, she and Miley have had a bit of a back and forth, with Miley being the far more sane of the two. Amanda went pretty simple with Miley's insult:

Jason Kempin/Getty Images, Twitter

Then there's Perez Hilton. Now, I have to say I'm impressed with how much weight he's lost and how he's buffed up. And while he's not my cup of tea (then again, I'm not his either), I wouldn't say he's ugly.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, Twitter

She went after an actor that I absolutely adore, too. She's lucky the claws didn't come out on this one. Poor Jason Biggs:

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images, Twitter

She managed to insult both RuPaul and her father in one not-so-nice Tweet:

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Twitter

And last, but certainly not least, Amanda had A LOT of pretty terrible things to say about Rihanna...

Simone Joyner/Getty Images, Twitter

I have to say, I was giving Amanda Bynes the benefit of the doubt for a while. I think that time has ended.