Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and J-Lo are back for the 11th season of  "American Idol" as it kicked off last night on Fox. America's favorite singing competition held auditions in Savannah, Georgia, and as expected many great singers put up their best auditions in the hopes of landing that golden ticket to Hollywood.

It happens every year, people who think they can sing walk on stage and make a name for themselves, and others do the same but just to be humiliated in front of millions. Some of the fun on the first shows are watching the rejects as we laugh at the fact that someone in their life said, "You should try out for American Idol."

Last night Savannah produced some pretty good singers and we all had our favorites. Mine were the Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader and the woman who lived in a tent. Yes, she actually lives in the woods... in a tent.  But I'm sure my favorites, and yours, will change once we watch tonight's auditions in Pittsburgh.  The thing about this competition is so many different people have a chance to make their dreams come true with just the gift of a voice... or the lack there of.  I would like to personally apologize to any singer/songwriter who had their song butchered last night.

As the weeks unfold in the show we will get a little more in depth on the performers and performances, but that's tough to do with so many auditions currently. For now lets just enjoy the first couple weeks of auditions, and Steven Tyler's comments, until all the seriousness starts and we try to find the best singer in the country....Again.