Today on your Showbiz Top 5:  Casey Anthony's trial lawyer, Jose Baez, is reportedly negotiating  for an interview with television networks for both himself and Casey.  Jesse James and Kat Von D have split up their engagement after only six months (I count this as a win for Sandra Bullock).  Justin Bieber announces he wants to appear on the CW drama, The Vampire Diaries.  Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, is locked in a legal struggle with her mother over misappropriated funds from Leighton.  And finally, Amy Winehouse was laid to rest today during a private funereal in Edgwarebury cemetery, in north London.  This is your Showbiz Top 5.

Casey Anthony Lawyer Negotiates ($$$) w/ Networks

Jesse James & Kat Von D Split

Justin Bieber Wants to Guest Star on The Vampire Diaries

Leighton Meester and mom suing one another

Amy Winehouse: private funeral held