One of the best memories as a kid was being able to drive. In a kid's car, of course. We all learned to "drive" in a Little Tikes car, motorized jeeps, or something along those lines. If you miss those innocent days and want to go back to the "basics," an adult version of the Little Tikes car is available and on sale!

According to the BBC, two brothers from the U.K. built an adult-size copy of the kids car except this one takes gas and can go as fast as 70 mph! It cost the brothers 1,000 hours in labor and $46,000. They were hoping to raise money from the car for charity. Unfortunately, that didn't happen so now they're selling the "Big Tike" for $32,000.

The good news is the real thing has better wheels, headlights and airbags for your safety. The bad news is you can get a normal car for that same price (or lower) with all of today's perks offered in a car. But if you want to live in nostalgia than this could be for you!

Here's a video of when the guys first built the car and are talking about it.

The BBC says the brothers now want to make an Addams Family-inspired camper van.