When I came across this, I knew that I had to share it with anyone and everyone that I could.  It is a tale that I'm sure many people wish they could call their own.

When some tourists lose a roll of film in a New York park after the blizzard earlier this year, they probably thought that they would never get it back.  But, that roll of film fell into the hands of a man who was looking for just such an adventure.  Take a 15 minute break from what you are doing and watch a series of viral videos that brought two people into contact from halfway around the world.

A friend brought this story to my attention yesterday and I was intrigued by the characters in it.  It gives you a sense that strangers might just be friends that you haven't met yet.  So next time you stumble across something peculiar, don't write it off as nothing.  An adventure that takes you places you never thought you would go may be staring you in the face.