Tara Mauney

A 41-year-old mother from Colleyville, Texas, who has been charged with felony criminal mischief for allegedly helping a group of middle school kids vandalize a home using uncooked chicken, ketchup and tampons!

The prank caused almost $6,000 worth of damage and when police showed up at the home of Jodie Rishel, they saw an odd sight. The cops found the entire house covered in toilet paper with two raw chicken halves stuffed into a mailbox, and a toilet that was placed in the driveway.

Tampons and sanitary napkins soaked in ketchup were stuck in the windows and peanut butter was smeared on driveway pillars. Some other slanderous words were written in the driveway in mustard while other insults, a little too harsh to mention here, were also written on the house walls in black marker.

Fox News reports that police pulled security footage from a local store that allegedly shows Mauney entering the store with five teenage girls and three teenage boys earlier in the night. The woman reportedly purchased three 36-packs of toilet paper and posed for a photo with the eight children. Police say that two boys have admitted taking part in the vandalism, but that no minors have been charged.