You often ask me if I love my job because of the artists I get to meet and all of the concerts I get to attend, and the answer is usually a 'yeah' or 'it depends on the artist!'   Well today, the answer is hands down (with heads high!) the former!

Up and coming artist, Andy Grammer, spent the afternoon in the studio before heading to the House of Blues for a concert in Chicago tonight!   First of all, he is adorable, 27 and single -- for any of you who are looking for Mr. Right!  Second, Andy seems to have his act together and not only knows how to work hard, but he does it with passion and a positive attitude!

From teaching himself how to play the guitar and write music in the 9th grade to performing in the streets of L.A. to getting noticed and signed to S-Curve Records (I wonder if he's driven through the heart of Grand Rapids to experience our version of an S-Curve!?) last year.

This summer, Andy is opening for Natasha Bedingfield and will later open for Colbie Caillat.  He's already had a gig opening for the Plain White T's and is on Billboard's 2011 Artist to Watch list!

Click here for Andy Grammer's official website and to see his video that got the MTV O award for most innovative video for Keep Your Head Up, featuring Rainn Wilson of The Office.

Check out Sabrina's interview with Andy!

And Andy performing "The Pocket" and "Keep Your Head Up"!