The recent system upgrades combine some of the ideas from competitors, with the classic Apple design.  Senior research analyst, Gene Munster, commented on the announcement, "This is probably the biggest news since the [first] iPhone came out". Users have long been jealous of the interactive ease, with which Windows has captured in their Android market. Now iPhoner's can have the best of both worlds!

Jony Ive, head of the human interface division, is the force behind these new updates and also credited with the sleek, minimalist design of the phones hardware. With iOS 7, conveniently access the control center with a simple swipe of the screen, and you can now get notifications on the lock screen. Other additional features include; new file sharing capabilities, music streaming, and visually pleasing- layered planes with slimmer fonts and bolder colors.

Apple has a reputation of taking other's innovations and mastering them (see MP3 player and tablet computer). This is a strong resurgence for the company since losing their beloved co-founder, Steve Jobs.

Although it may not cater to every one of your tech needs, it comes pretty close for the time being. This fall, the upgrade will be free for over 300 million devices.

Mario Tama, Getty Images