Today we spoke to Alicia, our mental health professional, and she brought up a Personal Health Questionnaire that is used to monitor changes in a patient's depression.  The questionnaire is not used as a screening tool, but rather as a tool in which you can monitor changes in your mental health.

The Personal Health Questionnaire is used by mental health professionals from across the globe.  Below you fill find a link to the questionnaire as well as how to score your results.  Before you take the questionnaire, be aware that you will be answering the questions based on the last 2 weeks.

Link:  Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)

Scoring Depression Severity:

  • 0-4 none
  • 5-9 mild
  • 10-14 moderate
  • 15-19 moderately severe
  • 20-27 severe

You can find more information about the PHQ-9 here.