Love ArtPrize?  Love chocolate?  Treat your art-loving sweet tooth to ArtPrize's latest official merchandise...chocolate bars!

Six different ArtPrize chocolate bars are now available.  Each bar represents one of the six different ArtPrize neighborhoods.

The bars are made by Mary Ann's Chocolates and cost $4.95 each. gives us a description of each different chocolate bar.

HILLSIDE - encompasses Heritage Hill, but also many of the major medical facilities in the area, and its bar reflects that aspect. The result is a dark chocolate bar with sunflower seeds and cranberries, because it’s good for you!

THE GARDENS - for the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park venue, is a milk chocolate bar. And because gardens mean flowers, this bar has a touch of lavender along with ginger.

WESTSIDE - represents the area west of the river, which has a cultural flavor with a bar that is chipotle chili lime in dark chocolate

HEARTSIDE - part of the large downtown area with lots of restaurants, features a milk chocolate bar with honey-roasted peanuts and pretzels because it’s a great flavor combination and peanuts and pretzels are one of Mary Ann’s most popular flavors.

CENTER CITY - for downtown Grand Rapids, is a chocolate Cosmopolitan bar with an orange cranberry and a hint-of-lime dark chocolate bar to represent downtown living and nightlife.

MONROE NORTH BELKNAP - is fish and chips, but don’t make a face, This bar features gummy fish and kettle chips in milk chocolate to represent the river as well as pub food in the neighborhood.  

 Want to get warmed up for ArtPrize by sampling some chocolate?  The chocolate bars are available at:

  • ArtPrize's Hub
  • Amway Grand Plaza Hotel
  • Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
  • Grand Rapids Art Museum
  • Mary Ann's Chocolates in Gaslight Village
  • Spirit Dreams
  • St. Cecilia Music Center
  • Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts
  • Women's City Club