In addition to the 'Michigan Rocks' mural on the West Side, ArtPrize entries at other venues honor the glory era of the musical past as well.

Two other artists have painted tributes to Bob Dylan and Prince.

At The Harris Building, 111 S. Division, artist Wayne Brezinka has painted an homage to the '60s poet laureate Bob Dylan. Entitled 'DYLAN, from Greenwich Village to Nashville, 2015', the impressive mixed media work features cut paper collage and some assemblage as it 'traces his path from his time in Greenwich Village in the early 1960's to his arrival in Nashville, where he recorded his ground breaking album Blonde on Blonde which critics often rank as one of the greatest albums of all time' according to the artist.

Discarded and repurposed items used to create the image include: 1964 and 1978 Dylan concert tickets, 1960 subway transit coins used as buttons on his jacket and shirt, Vintage reel-to-reel recording tape within his elbow and lower jacket, 1960 Polaroids (one used in his cheek), a vintage photo of Hibbing High School and a Tony Rosa Grocery Store matchbook cover from Hibbing, Minnesota, Dylan’s hometown and a 1960 Circle In Square folk song flyer.

The work was previously on loan to the Tennesse State Museum.

Meanwhile, over at the Waters Center, 161 Ottawa NW, artist Lester White has painted a six piece series of recently passed legend Prince. According to White, the paintings 'will show past, present,and future depictions of the world renown artist musical themes such as when doves cry, purple rain and sign o' the times to name a few. It will be my goal to dedicate my time and talent in making these paintings touch the lives and spirits of those who truly love the musical genius for his multi talents that he shared with his fans and the world.'

Jojo Girard/TSM
Jojo Girard/TSM