ArtPrize has extended the deadline for artists to register for this fall's competition.

The deadline has been extended to give venues and artists more time and more options to prepare for fall.

The artist registration deadline has been moved back two weeks, from May 24 to June 7.  The connection deadline for artists and venues will not change, that deadline remains June 21.

The number of professional curators working for ArtPrize venues continues to rise.  Many of these curators have indicated that an extended artist registration period would be beneficial. has more:

"We set out to create enough time, but with professional curators making arrangements with artists, the process is requiring more time than we expected," said Catherine Creamer, executive director of ArtPrize.

Seems like a good move.  If ArtPrize can give artists, venues, and curators more time to work together without extending the final connection deadline, then why not?